Fire in Bohemian Switzerland declared fully extinguished

After a 20-day-battle, the fire that broke out in Bohemian Switzerland on July 24 has been declared fully extinguished, and the last remaining section was handed back to the national park administration at 3 pm on Friday, the Czech News Agency reports. Now, according to a statement by the firefighters, there are no visible fires left anywhere in the area of the park.

Head of the fire service Vladimír Vlček told journalists that 72 volunteer firefighters will stay on site to check for hidden outbreaks that may still appear later on. Six units of professional firefighters will remain in Mezní Louka until the end of August.

Evacuated residents of the villages of Hřensko, Mezná and Mezní Louka will be able to return from Saturday morning. The Environment Ministry has extended the restrictions on entry to Bohemian Switzerland, which prevent access to selected areas and mean the park will remain completely closed at night between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am, from Saturday until August 31.

The forest fire was the largest the Czech Republic has ever seen.

Author: Anna Fodor