Famous rock group Dunaj is back!

Foto: oficiální prezentace Dunajská vlna

Brno band Dunaj has recently got back together and features all three of its best musicians. Bass guitarist Vladimír Václavek, guitarist Josef Ostřanský and drummer Pavel Koudelka are all singers.

Foto: official presentation of Dunajská vlna

Photo: Panton
The bands signature sound contains features of characteristically Czech ‘Bigbít’ 1980s rock, with minimalist and punck influences. In its beginings, Dunaj’s music also carried characteristic signs of the Czech ‘new wave’ rock era from the early 1980s.

A documentary was made about the band last year. Its director, David Butula says that he wanted to provide a “situational portrait” of a band that “played mythical music and eventually became a myth itself”. It was through meeting up for the filming of the documentary that the musicians rediscovered their chemistry. “A spark lit up and the group has decided to restart”, the Dunaj group’s Facebook page reads.

Musicians who have been part of the band in the past include singer Iva Bittová, guitarist Pavel Richter and the accomplished drummer Pavel Fajt. Fans of alternative rock see Dunaj recordings as some of the most interesting material to appear on the Czech music scene at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. The band stopped playing after the death of its frontman Jiří Kolšovský in 1998.

This year the band will be performing in Ostrava, Brno and Prague.