Exile government leader seeks autonomy, not independence, for Tibet

The leader of Tibet’s government-in-exile, Lobsang Sangay, taking part in the 16th Forum 2000 international conference in Prague, has said his government is seeking “genuine autonomy” for Tibet within China and not, by contrast, “independence or separation”. The prime minister, who became the head of Tibet´s government-in-exile last year after the Dalai Lama gave up his political posts (but retained his position as spiritual leader) said Tibetans deserved to take part in the administration, economy, education, environment and other issues. Mr Sangay called the situation in Tibet until now an occupation and also discussed the tragic history of self-immolation by some Tibetans in protest. Tibet´s exile government has been seated in Dharamsala, India since the 1950s, after China took control of Tibet.

Author: Jan Velinger