Exhibition of Ukrainian war photos as a means of fighting disinformation

A travelling exhibition of photographs by leading Ukrainian war photographers, has currently opened on the premises of the Červený kostel church in Olomouc. The collection includes the winner of the 2022 World Press Photo Award.

The collection of photographs is a glimpse into the reality of present day Ukraine, bringing powerful testimony about the hardships of ordinary people and their struggle for freedom. At the centre of attention is the photo that won the main World Press Photo Award –showing rescue workers carrying an injured, pregnant woman on a stretcher out of a bombed-out hospital in Mariupol. Her baby was stillborn. Soon after, she too died. The exhibition’s curator Igor Malijevský says it is the most moving picture there.

Photo: Blanka Mazalová,  Czech Radio

"It's hard to describe this photo in words. Russia invaded a free country for no reason whatsoever, killing pregnant women, children, civilians. Today we live in a visual age and also in an age of disinformation. That's why I think it's very important for people to see these photographs, because they draw you into this world, which is not so far from our comfortable, safe existence."

The exhibition titled “They are fighting for us too” shows the work of 15 Ukrainian war photographers. The organizers went through close to 3,000 photographs to select 250 of the best.

The exhibition was previously shown in Plzen and will remain on display in Olomouc until the end of August. It will eventually come to Prague where it will be put on display at Prague Castle.

Authors: Daniela Lazarová , Blanka Mazalová
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