Ex-PM strongly condemns police investigation of his government

Former prime minister Petr Nečas has strongly condemned the police investigation of alleged corruption in his government. Speaking to reporters after being questioned by investigators on Friday, Mr Nečas said the investigation was a “fabricated political case”, and the state attorney overseeing the case was acting “wilfully”. The former cabinet leaders also said he would not step down as MP despite the fact the police has asked the lower house to strip him of his parliamentary immunity so that he can be prosecuted.

Petr Nečas stepped down as prime minister last month after the police arrested his chief of staff, Jana Nagyová, and three former MPs for his party, the Civic Democrats. The authorities believe the MPs were corrupted when they accepted posts in state run-firms in return for giving up their seats in the lower house to make way for government legislation. Ms Nagyová also allegedly tasked the country’s military intelligence with spying on Mr Nečas’ wife.

Author: Jan Richter