EU to support Czech tourist industry

The European Union has announced plans to support the Czech Republic's growing tourist industry in the hope that it will someday become "one of the most visited European countries". The head of the EU delegation to Prague, Ramiro Cibrian, said at the GO tourism trade fair in Brno that the EU was ready to support and promote the Czech travel industry with structural and other funds. The EU's Phare assistance programme has already provided some 400 million crowns or 11 million US dollars towards tourism-related projects in the Czech Republic since 1994. Mr. Cibrian said he believed the Czech Republic would become one of the most visited countries in Europe, thanks to its historical treasures, magnificent cultural sights and the beautiful Czech landscape. He said the exclusive position of the capital Prague and the millions of tourists who visit it each year are undoubtedly promising for the further development of the tourist trade.