EU, including Visegrad 4, struggle for unity on Kosovo

Visegrad group meeting, photo: CTK

The European Union has found difficulty achieving a common position on the future status of Kosovo. Meeting in Brussels at the end of the week the 27 member states looked likely to delay a decision until the spring. Even the 4 members of the Visegrad group, Poland, Hungary the Czech Republic and Slovakia had different opinions over Kosovo when they met in the Czech Republic earlier in the week. Slovakia said it would have great difficulty recognising a unilateral declaration of inependence by Kosovo while Hungary said Kosovo's independence could not be delayed. Russia is also against full independence for Kosovo.

Visegrad group meeting,  photo: CTK
Report from Austria's Elizabeth Alcock is just back from Kosovo where she spoke to Enver Hoxhaj, a member of parliament and designated to become the new Education Minister. He says Russia is trying to upset EU plans for integration of the Western Balkans....