Epidemic slowing, suspicion of first cases of Indian mutation on Czech soil

The Czech Republic registered 1,059 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, which is 1,500 fewer cases than on the preceding day and 480 fewer than on the same day a week ago, according to data released by the Czech Ministry of Health.

The number of people hospitalized with Covid has also dropped and is now at 3,158, of which 742 are in a serious condition. The reproduction number is at 0.8 and the risk index remains at 54 points, corresponding to the third level on a five point scale. The overall Covid-related death toll is now close to 29,000.

The National Reference Laboratory is sequencing what may be the first samples of the more contagious Indian mutation of the coronavirus detected on Czech soil. The samples were taken from two Indian students in Hradec Králové, one of whom recently returned from a visit home. The definitive results should be known on Tuesday. Several people have been placed in quarantine.