EP5: Musician Sára Vondrášková (Never Sol)

Sára Vondrášková, photo: Filip Marek

Musician, composer and producer Sára Vondrášková has been one of most distinctive voices on the Czech music scene for the best part of a decade. Recording and performing as Never Sol, she has to date released two powerful albums of atmospheric, synthesiser-based music and recently returned with the single Leon. In addition Vondrášková, who is 31, works regularly with other artists in fields such as fashion and dance and hosts a show on the radio station Vltava.

In this wide-ranging edition of Czech Next Wave, the singer discusses finding her own voice, the financial side of doing Never Sol, her social media tagline “East European synth melancholy” – and a major career dream.

Czech Next Wave is produced jointly by the Czech Centres network and Radio Prague International. It introduces listeners around the world to emerging, exciting and highly talented young Czech in various areas of the arts and beyond.