Environment minister says radical change needed to fight bark-beetle

Environment Minister Pavel Drobil has said he will back key changes in the method of fighting bark-beetle in the Šumava Mountains, an approach called for by local mayors and the regions of South Bohemia and Plzeň. In a statement on saturday, Mr Drobil said current strategy needed to see radical changes to tackle the bark-beetle problem head-on, to prevent Šumava’s national park from becoming a “dead zone”. A system of protective areas currently in place, critics charge, creating conditions allowing for the rapid spread of the destructive insect. The minister is planning on dividing the national park into first, second and third zones, reverting to a system in place prior to changes by the previous government. He emphasised it was necessary to define what could be done in individual zones. Mr Drobil told ČTK that he, along with the mayors and regions, will draft a bill on Šumava National Park, which could take effect on July 1, 2011.

Author: Jan Velinger