Emergency coalition meeting goes into overtime

A special meeting of government coalition leaders regarding the Environment Ministry corruption scandal ran into the evening hours of Sunday with no clear outcome. The meeting is intended to shore up faith among the three coalition parties ahead of a possible vote of no confidence next week. One attendee told reporters the discussion could possibly continue for several days. Environment Minister Pavel Drobil resigned last week immediately after the publication of recordings attesting to shady dealings in and around the State Environmental Fund. The fund’s head, Libor Michálek, secretly taped Mr Drobil’s chief advisor pressuring him to manipulate state contracts in order to finance the political career of Minister Drobil. In another taped conversation, Mr Drobil himself seemed to offer Mr Michálek a promotion if he destroyed the original evidence. The responses of other government figures to the information, including that of Prime Minister Nečas, have widened the controversy.