ECRI calls on Czech authorities to end all forms of segregation Roma children in schools

The Council of Europe’s European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has called on Czech authorities to prioritise ending all forms of segregation of Roma children of schools in its Czech Republic report published this Tuesday. The commission’s report also calls on Czechia to put in place a national strategy that would identify areas of discrimination of LGBTI persons.

The LGBT community remains a target of hate speech in the Czech Republic according to ECRI. Meanwhile, the Roma continue to be victims of hatred but seem to have been replaced by Muslims and migrants as the primary target of racism, the commission writes.

The report also welcomes a number of positive developments, including the work of the Public Defender of Rights in promoting equality and combatting racism and praises the conversion of the site of the former Roma concentration camp in Lety into a documentation and information centre on the Roma genocide during World War II.