Dutch nationals face charge of grievous bodily harm in attack on Czech waiter

Photo: CTK

Two Dutch nationals, charged with grievous bodily harm in an attack on a Czech waiter last weekend, have been remanded in custody while three from their group were given eight-month suspended sentences and were expelled from the Czech Republic for five years. The waiter, who had to undergo emergency surgery, meanwhile, is out of danger but still in serious condition.

Photo: CTK
The incident, captured from numerous angles by security cameras, shocked many in the Czech Republic: it showed a group of men brutally assaulting a waiter near Prague’s Quadrio centre.

Clips showed the man on the ground being repeatedly punched in the head and kicked in the side. He ended up with bleeding in his brain and had to undergo emergency surgery.

The group suspected of the attack arrived in Prague last Friday and disappeared a day after the incident, checking out early from their hotel, before they were identified at a restaurant at the airport by someone who had seen the story in the media.

Of the group of seven, two were released, three received suspended sentences and two – suspected of having played larger roles in the attack, have been in remanded in custody; if found guilty, each potentially faces up to 10 years behind bars.

But both could still file a complaint that they are being held as they face trial. State prosecutor Jan Lelek, however, said that both of the men in custody had expressed regret over the incident and added the following:

“At the same time, both have offered financial help to the victim.”

He is now out of immediate danger but will require at least one more operation before he can recover fully.

Photo: Czech Police
Filip Brož is the spokesman for Prague’s General Teaching Hospital:

“He will have to undergo an additional operation. He was very badly injured to his face.”

On Thursday, the injured man thanked the police, the public and the media for their role, on behalf of himself and his family.

The incident last Saturday began when the waiter had tried to prevent the group from drinking their own alcohol on the premises of the garden restaurant, making the mistake of pursuing the group outside the vicinity.

Local media reported that members of the group were all sportsmen involved in boxing or other fighting arts or other sports; one witness told news site iDnes it was clear from the get-go that they had been spoiling for a fight.