Drumming for Bubny: a protest against indifference to violence

Drumming for Bubny

The annual event Drumming for Bubny, commemorating the victims of the first Nazi transport of Jews from Prague on October 16, 1941, will take place at the site of the Bubny railway station on Monday evening. Organized by the Memorial of Silence, the drumming is a symbolic protest against public indifference to violence. To learn more about the event, I spoke with the head of the memorial’s press unit, Klára Bobková.

Bubny railway station | Photo: Jana Šustová,  Czech Radio

“The event Drumming for Bubny is taking place today because on the 16th of October, 1941 the first Jewish transport from Prague took place and the train set off from the Prague-Bubny railway station. It’s important to remember this horrible event that took place in our history.”

The anniversary is commemorated every year. Do you feel it has a special significance in the present day?

“It’s one thing is to reminisce the anniversary of the first Jewish transport from Prague, but on the other hand it’s important to think about what’s happening now. Regarding Israel and Ukraine and the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, all these conflicts taking place. Drumming for Bubny supports the people who are in these conflicts, on the sides of Israel, Ukraine and Karabakh - all the people suffering in these conflicts.”

What do the drums represent?

Photo: Památník Šoa Praha

“The drums represent our voice. The drums are drumming against our silence, and the silence is a metaphor of us not being able to do anything about the conflict, since many of us feel that way. The drums are a protest against the silence and to somehow raise awareness of what is happening. The drums are us raising our voice.”

What’s to be expected at the event today, and are there any special guests attending?

“It starts at 5pm at Buby station, and the drumming will take place till 6pm. The rhythm of the drums will be rather jazzy because Adam Nussbaum, a famous American drummer, and a swing band of gymnasium students from Prague will be performing. After 6pm, there will be a concert with Adam Nussbaum and others. The drumming is always interrupted with a speech that will be given by the director of the Bubny Station, Pavel Štingl. ”

The Drumming for Bubny event is free of charge and open to the public.

For more information go to: https://www.pamatnikticha.cz/en/drumming-for-bubny-3/