Divokej Bill – Combining country, folk and rock in “wild” style

Divokej Bill

Divokej Bill, whose name translates as Wild Bill and references Wild Bill Hickock, a folk hero of the American Old West, are one of the most popular domestic bands on the Czech live circuit.

Divokej Bill hail from Úvaly, near Prague, and combine country, folk and rock. They have been on the go for nearly a quarter century and their lively shows regularly pack out large venues.

The group are Štěpán Karbulka on vocals, guitarist Václav Bláha, acoustic guitarist Roman Procházka, bass player Jurda Čaruj, drummer Marek Žežulka, violinist Adam Karlík, banjo and harmonica player Honza Bártl, and accordion player Martin Pecka.

To date Divokej Bill have released seven studio albums, four live albums, and two compilations.