Designer gives new Petřín cable car attractive look and sassy attitude

A new version of the cable car to Petřín

The Petřín cable car will soon get a new look courtesy of designer Anna Marešová and her team. It's airy, practical and sassy!

The winning design is characterized by clean lines, panoramic windows and a play of light linked to Petřín’s reputation as a lovers’ meeting place.

“The play of lights starts when two cable cars meet along the way. Just before they pass each other, one car gives the other a broad wink. The latter gets shy and turns red - the interior lights turn red and the whole car inside turns pink," says Anna Marešová.

The car will be divided into four compartments and each will have a separate entrance. According to the designer, this is to ensure more comfortable boarding and alighting of passengers. The capacity of the cars will be up to 120 people. The lower part of the car will be for wheelchair users or passengers with prams.

Authors: Daniela Lazarová , Marcel Faltys
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