Demonstrators against government coronavirus measures assemble at Wenceslas Square

Hundreds of people, many without masks, gathered on Wenceslas Square, Prague, on Tuesday afternoon to demonstrate against the current government restrictive measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, the Czech News Agency reports. The demonstration is looked over by several police officers.

Several anti-government slogans can be heard at the protest, such as: “Even viruses are more capable than the government”. According to information on the event’s Facebook page, the group plans to then move on to Národní třída, via Žitná street and Charles Square. A similar demostration is taking place in Brno.

The demonstration takes place amid the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, a date whose symbolism some of the demonstrators are evoking through their slogans and speeches. It is not the only protest to take place on the occasion,

Author: Tom McEnchroe