Deloitte: Construction of gigafactory would raise GDP by CZK 172 billion

The planned construction of a 40GWh car battery “gigafactory” in the Czech Republic could raise Czech GDP by CZK 172 billion and create thousands of new jobs in the country, according to a Deloitte study commissioned for the Czech Modern Energy Union.

Deloitte analysts believe that around 6,000 new jobs would be created already during the initial investment phase, with a further 33,000 jobs being created once the gigafactory starts production. Public finances across the government, regional and district levels would benefit by CZK 49 billion crowns, the study claims.

In July, the Czech government signed a memorandum with state-owned energy conglomerate ČEZ regarding the establishment of a gigafactory. Now it is looking for suitable investors and strategic partners who would start construction.

Author: Tom McEnchroe