Dara Rolins sells out Prague’s 02 Arena for spectacular birthday concert

Slovak-born pop and R'n'B singer Dara Rolins first appeared on stage at the age of four and became a household name in Czechoslovakia at the age of 12 when she sang a Czech-Slovak Christmas duet with Czech icon Karel Gott. This week she celebrated her 50th birthday with “the concert of her life” in Prague’s 02 Arena.

Dara Rolins first appeared on stage at the age of four. At the age of nine, she released her first album, which sold 250,000 copies. And by the age of ten, she was planning her first concert tour. But it was her Christmas duet with Czech pop idol Karel Gott – called Bells of Happiness – sung in Czech and Slovak – that made her a household name. At that time, over 200,000 copies of the single were sold in Czechoslovakia alone. A year later, the song was released in Germany under the title Fang das Licht and later it appeared in Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and Russia. “Darinka” as she was known at the time, soon rebelled against the image of a sweet talented child singing a sentimental song with the country’s leading pop idol.

Looking for recognition in her own right and a brand new image, she left for the US where she released her first CD in English called “What You See Is What You Get”. She returned to Prague where she collaborated with artists such as Dan Bárta and his Sexy Dancers, Rytmus or DJ Wich. Her albums include Our Loving, Dream of Love, What’s My Name, Butcher’s On The Road, D1 and D2 and ETC released in 2017.

In a spectacular anniversary concert in Prague’s 02 Arena on Saturday night, Dara performed all her hits from childhood to the present day.