Daily, TV broadcaster reveal alleged blackmail plotting on part of MP

A number of Czech politicians, both in government and in the opposition, are expressing shock over findings by Czech daily Mladá fronta Dnes and commercial broadcaster TV Nova, revealing alleged involvement by a Civic Democrat MP in a dirt-digging and blackmail scandal. Mladá fronta reported on Friday that 29-year-old Civic Democrat MP Jan Morava spent months trying to attain compromising material on fellow MPs for blackmail and character assassination purposes. According to sources, he met with what he believed were private detectives on a number occasions for purposes of digging up material, not realising they were really journalists. The meetings were recorded by hidden camera. After the story broke, Mr Morava apologised but reportedly denied any wrongdoing. Some politicians, including the head of the Green Party Martin Bursík, have expressed deep concern over the case and said the MP should give up his post.

Author: Jan Velinger