Daily news summary

Methanol claims life of 58-year-old

A 58-year-old man died in hospital on Friday, succumbing to methanol poisoning, the Czech News Agency reports. The man, from Moravec na Ždársku, fell gravely ill after drinking tainted liquor roughly a week ago. The police have charged a 37-year-old suspect in connection with the death, finding bottles of questionable alcohol in his home. Two years ago, the Czech Republic saw an outbreak of methanol poisoning after a deadly mix of bootleg alcohol illegally made it onto the market - more than 50 people lost their lives. Police suspect that some 4,000 litres are unaccounted for. If found guilty, the suspect could face up to eight years in jail.

Suspect in 20-year-old muder case remanded in custody

The regional court in Plzeň has ordered a 47-year-old suspect to be remanded in custody in connection with a murder which took place two decades ago. Criminal investigators in Karlovy Vary arrested the man on Friday – ten days before the case would have come under the statute of limitations. The man is suspected of killing a 66-year-old in 1994 and then cementing his remains in the basement of a building in Marianské Lázně.

Bishop Paďour steps down as head of diocese

For health reasons, Bishop Jiří Paďour is stepping down as the head of the diocese in České Budějovice. The 70-year-old bishop tendered his resignation to Pope Francis last year. The Vatican confirmed on Saturday the move had been accepted. Bishop Paďour headed the diocese since 2002; he was a dissident under the former communist regime after refusing to collaborate with the StB, the secret police, in 1979.

Car crashes into family home

One of the passengers in a modified Subaru was killed and two others seriously injured when the driver lost control of the vehicle near Pardubice on Saturday and crashed. Altogether, four people were in the car. In the crash, the vehicle sped off the road in a turn and hit a fence and the side of a family home. Hydraulic equipment was needed to rescue injured passengers from the car.

Thousands turn out to greet Olympic champion

Thousands of well-wishers and fans turned out in Žďár nad Sázavou on Saturday to greet champion Martina Sáblíková. The Olympian, who won one gold and one silver at the Winter Olympics in Sochi was greeted with flowers and other gifts, including a cake in the shape of the winners’ podium. At the Winter Games, Sáblíková defended her gold from Vancouver in the 5,000 metres – her favourite competition.

The condition of some Ukrainian demonstrators – being treated in Czech hospitals – has improved

The condition of a number of Ukrainian nationals, injured in recent anti-government demonstrations in Kiev, has improved somewhat, according to a spokesman. In all, 27 patients are being treated in Czech hospitals. Some of the demonstrators – who came out against now deposed president Viktor Yanukovich – had suffered broken shins, or facial injuries such as a cracked eye socket.

Back in Ukraine, tensions are continuing to rise over the peninsula of Crimea and involvement by Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday asked his country’s upper house to approve the use of troops in Ukraine, allegedly to protect the lives of Russian citizens there. A day earlier, US President Barack Obama warned Russia not to interfere militarily in Ukraine.

Czech president expresses opposition to Russian intervention in Ukraine

Czech President Miloš Zeman has expressed opposition to Russia intervening in Ukraine; in a statement issued through his spokesman on Saturday, the president suggested military intervention would create a gulf that would take more than a generation to bridge. Mr Zeman was reacting to rising tensions in Crimea, where Russian forces are stationed or being boosted. He made clear he could draw on concrete experience, the invasion of former Czechoslovakia by Soviet-led troops in 1968. On Saturday, President Vladimir Putin requested - and received - approval from Russia's upper house to use troops on the peninsula until the 'normalisation' of the political situation in Ukraine. Mr Putin claimed that such a move was to protect the Russian-speaking population. Ukraine's new leadership has called Russia's behaviour an attempt to provoke an armed conflict.

The Czech Foreign Ministry reacted on Saturday by saying that Ukraine's territorial integrity as well as sovereignty needed to remain untouched and intact. The foreign minister, Lubomír Zaorálek, is to meet with Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka to discuss developments on Monday.