Daily news summary

Water levels returning to normal

A state of flood alert has been called off in all parts of the country as water levels in Moravia and Silesia returned to normal overnight. Gale-force winds and heavy rain over the past 48 hours put emergency crews on stand-by with fire crews in the eastern parts of the country reporting over 100 emergency calls since Thursday. No serious damage or loss of life has been reported.

MPs get bePROUD prize for supporting minority rights

A group of two dozen MPs from across the political spectrum received the 2013 bePROUD prize for supporting minority rights. The prize was awarded in recognition of their joint effort to push through legislation which would enable gay and lesbian couples to adopt their partner’s child. The draft legislation tabled shortly before the lower house was disbanded to open the way for early elections late last year failed to win approval. The 2013 anti-prize went to psychologist Jeroným Klimeš for “spreading stereotypes and homophobic statements about the gay and lesbian community”.

Czech Republic will try to access EU funds to subsidize eco-heating on broader scale

The Czech Republic will try to access EU funds to subsidize eco-friendly pellet stoves that will reduce pollution in areas where coal burning is the main form of heating, according to Environment Minister Richard Brabec. Minister Brabec said the ministry would strive to get the equivalent of nine billion crowns for this purpose between 2014 and 2020 which could finance around 150,000 eco-stoves. The money would be used predominantly in the most polluted eastern parts of the country where air-pollution is a massive problem. So far these subsidies have been funded from government funds to the tune of 220 million crowns.

Nation-wide clean-up of illegal dumping sites

Thousands of volunteers have been taking part in a nation-wide clean-up operation of illegal dumping sites. Due to an internet website volunteers have mapped over 3,000 of these illegal dumping sites and thousands of people responded to calls from local municipalities to assist in an annual clean-up operation. Over three hundred municipalities have signed up to the project.

Miner dies in cave-in

A forty-six-year-old miner died in a cave-in in the Centrum mine in the Most region. Severní Energetická, the company that operates the mine, confirmed the death on Saturday, extending condolences to the victim’s family and friends. The accident is being investigated and the company has refused to speculate about the possible cause of the cave-in. The respective mine has been in operation for 120 years and is currently being prepared for closure.

Three Czech mountaineers saved on Seewand in Austria

Three Czech mountain climbers who ignored bad weather warnings and attempted the Seewand Climb in the Austrian Alps were rescued in an extensive emergency operation in the early hours of Saturday, the APA news agency reported. The trio set out despite high wind and heavy rain and got into trouble half-way up the rock. Two dozen mountain service rescuers were involved in the operation. One of the mountaineers was transported to hospital with hypothermia.

Czechs lose to Denmark at IHWC

The Czech national hockey team lost to Denmark 4:3 at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Minsk on Saturday in a dramatic game. The Czech squad went ahead early on in the first quarter with Jakub Klepiš and Jaromír Jágr scoring in quick succession. The Danes responded with a fast, aggressive game scoring their first goal before the end of the first quarter. A third goal from Jakub Kyndl in the third quarter briefly gave the Czechs a two score lead but hopes of a secure victory were unexpectedly dashed by a dramatic second and third goal from Denmark just four minutes before the end of the game. The game was decided in a penalty shootout. The Czech squad was dogged by health problems with several players fighting off flu symptoms and Tomáš Hertl out of the game against Denmark for health reasons.