Daily news summary

Sobotka: Social Democrats hoping to have five regional governors

The Social Democrat prime minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, says his party’s talks on forming regional coalitions following elections last weekend are going well. Mr. Sobotka told reporters on Thursday that it appeared the grouping would have five regional governors and would be a coalition member in eight or nine regional governments. He said this success in negotiations reflected the fact the Social Democrats had not campaigned negatively against potential partners. The party only came first in voting in two of 13 regions after winning in nine in 2012.

Appeal against exoneration of Communist over Horáková, 1968 comments rejected

Lawyer Marek Kincl of TOP 09 has failed in his appeal against a verdict exonerating the Communist Party and its deputy Marta Semelová over comments she made regarding executed politician Milada Horáková and the 1968 Soviet invasion. Mr. Kincl had told the Prague Municipal Court he felt fear and anxiety over the possible restoration of a “criminal totalitarian Communist regime” following the comments from Ms. Semelová. Speaking on Czech Television, she cast doubt on the fact Milada Horáková had been forced to confess in a 1950 show trial. She also said the Soviet-led invasion of August 1968 had been a case of international assistance, not occupation.

Prague court rejects claim from midwife cleared of mishandling home birth

A Prague court has rejected a claim from midwife Ivana Königsmarková, who was demanding CZK 5 million in compensation for non-pecuniary damage resulting from her criminal prosecution. The court said her action fell under the statute of limitations. However, it will continue to consider her CZK 1 million claim for alleged loss of earnings. In 2014, Ms. Königsmarková, who is the head of the Czech Union of Midwives, was found innocent of charges stemming from a home birth in which the infant suffered brain damage.

Nearly CZK 1 billion of EU grants going to environment projects

Almost CZK 1 billion in European Union grants is to go toward flood prevention measures, redevelopment and the securing of unstable slopes in the Czech Republic, the Ministry of the Environment said on Thursday. Minister Richard Brabec said such problems were a priority as the impact of climate change had become more apparent in recent years. His office has just approved around 200 projects in those areas throughout the country.

Rare Barbary lion born at Plzeň Zoo

A rare Barbary lion cub was born at Plzeň Zoo last month, officials announced on Thursday. The zoo had been attempting to breed a Barbary lion for 13 years. As the female cub was weak it was removed from its mother a week after it was born on September 12 and fed by zookeepers. Part of the zoo was also temporarily closed to visitors as a protective measure. Barbary lions are extinct in the wild. Plzeň Zoo is this year celebrating the 90th anniversary of its establishment.

Work on Jágr documentary 68 to begin later this year

A new feature-length documentary film about the great Czech ice hockey player Jaromír Jágr is set to begin shooting later this year, iDnes.cz reported on Thursday. Producer Jiří Jurtin told the news site that the star had given permission for the making of 68, which refers to the number he wears on his jerseys. Mr. Jurtin said a top director would helm the documentary, while Czech and international interviewees have been lined up for the project, which will also draw on archive material. The film is due to premiere in autumn next year, when the NHL is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Weather forecast

Clear spells and rain should alternate in the Czech Republic on Friday, with temperatures of around 12 degrees Celsius expected. Forecasters say we can expect similar weather over the weekend.