Daily news summary


Libava’s tap water found to contain higher than permitted levels of uranium

The inhabitants of Libava near Olomouc who live in the vicinity of the Libava military site have been warned not to drink tap water which was found to contain higher than permitted levels of uranium. Large supplies of bottled water have been made available. The warning is particularly pertinent for children and pregnant women. Experts are now conducting a detailed analysis of the water and assessing possible health risks. The military has promised to provide a more advanced water-cleaning facility for the region which would resolve the problem.

Police recommend two people be charged with public endangerment in chemical plant fire

The police have completed an investigation into an explosion and fire at Unipetrol’s chemical plant in Záluží in the area if Litvinov in August 2015 which saw the facility shut down for repairs for almost one year. Police are recommending that two people be charged for endangering the public; the investigation suggests that the individuals in question, employees at the plant, could have limited the scope of the accident had they followed safety procedures in time. More than 40 fire fighting units, counting some 500 fire fighters in all, were called to the scene to put out the blaze; in the investigation, the police interviewed more than 100 people.

Czechoslovak war veteran Juraj Strauss dies at 100

Czechoslovak WWII veteran Juraj Strauss has died at the age of 100, Czech Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky announced on Twitter. Strauss fought at Dunkerque with the motorised battalion of the Czechoslovak independent defence brigade. After the war Strauss completed his university studies and became a physician. He later headed the virology department of the State Health Institute and took part in a World Health Organisation project within which children in Kenya were inoculated against measles. In 1983 he was decorated with a state award for helping to eradicate measles in Czechoslovakia. Juraj Strauss will be buried at Brevnov cemetery in Prague on Tuesday.

Christian Democrats and STAN meet to iron out possible deal

The leadership of the Christian Democrats and the STAN party of mayors and independents are meeting in Lipnice nad Sázavou over two days to discuss joining forces in the parliamentary election in October. Both sides expect a decision on the matter after this weekend. Stan leader Petr Gazdík stated that there were no policy or financial barriers preventing the two parties from co-operating; the idea of the two parties running as a coalition has been under discussion since December. The Christian Democrats are the junior party in the current government.

Association of Regions in the Czech Republic calls on government to provide funds

The Association of Regions in the Czech Republic has called on the government to provide regions with funds agreed for bus drivers and transport companies. The chairwoman of the association, governor of the region of Karlovy Vary, Jana Vildumetzová, confirmed the news on Friday after the association’s board meeting, pointing to Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka’s promise the funds would be earmarked. The addenda - approved by the government last year - was to see minimal wages for bus drivers raised by around one-third, to 98.10 crowns per hour (the equivalent of around 3.6 euros).

Snowboarding: Ledecká two-time World Champion

Ester Ledecká won gold in the women's parallel giant slalom snowboarding on Thursday at the World Championships in Spain. It is the second time the snowboarder clinched the World Championship crown, after winning the parallel event at Kreischberg 2015.


Saturday should see cloudy conditions and a chance of rain. Daytime temperatures of around only 8 degrees Celsius are expected.