Daily news summary

Chvojka expresses hope government will approve steps for removal of controversial pig farm at Lety

The minister for human rights, Jan Chvojka, has expressed the hope that the government could approve steps for the buyout of land and removal of a pig farm in Lety near Písek, South Bohemia, by June. He made the comments on a political debate programme on TV Prima on Sunday. Removal of the pig farm, which notoriously stands at the site of a former Romany labour and later concentration camp during WW II, has plagued several administrations and elicited sharp criticism from the European Commission. Minister Chvojka said on Sunday that an expert assessment, evaluating the site's worth and technical considerations, would be ready by April 20, preceding negotiations between the government and the farm operator, AGPI, in May.

Social Democrats put off referendum on presidential candidate until after parliamentary election

The Social Democrats, who head the current government coalition, have put off an inner-party referendum on who to nominate or back for president until November - after the parliamentary election on October 20 and 21. Earlier, the first half of 2017 had been discussed. Czechs will go to the polls to elect a new president at the latest by February 2018. Several candidates have already announced they are running, including the sitting president, Miloš Zeman, who will be seeking a second - and final - five year term.

Railway Infrastructure Administration says warning signals at railway crossing where two died were operating properly

The Railway Infrastructure Administration has confirmed that warning signals at a rail crossing at Mlékojedy, Mělník, where two teen girls died on Saturday were operating properly at the time of the tragedy. The news was confirmed by the bureau's spokesman Marek Iliaš. The girls, struck and killed by a passing train, were around the age of 15. Police are investigating and have not issued additional details; they are reportedly considering the possibility that the girls stepped into the path of the train on purpose.

Theatre & film actor, director, author Ornest dies at 70

The respected Czech film & theatre actor and director Jiří Ornest died on Sunday at the age of 70. The news was confirmed by his wife Daniela Kolářová. Mr Ornest worked for more than 20 years at the E.F. Burian Theatre and later, after 1991, at Prague's Theatre on the Balustrade. Besides acting and directing, he was also an author and translator.

Heating usage up by 11 percent over past winter

Heating usage in Czech households increased by an average 11 percent year-on-year this winter, the spokesman for the Association for District Heating, Pavel Kaufman, confirmed. He told the Czech News Agency that would translate to around 630 crowns more per household for the 2015/2016 winter period. The past winter was comparatively colder than unusually mild winters in the Czech Republic in recent years; long term, this winter, however, was average in terms of the cold.

NHL: Jágr picks up two assists in last home game of season

Hockey legend Jaromír Jágr picked up two assists in the Florida Panthers 3:0 win over the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday, the Panthers' second-last match of the season and last home game. The Panthers are out of playoff contention. Jágr, a pending free agent as of July 1, told the Sun Sentinel in a recent interview he "loved it with the Panthers", after saying throughout the season that he planned to continue playing hockey until 50 or 55. Negotiations on a new potential contract with Florida are to begin after the regular season wraps up.


Monday should be cloudy with a chance of rain but also sunny periods. Daytime temperatures should reach highs of around 22 degrees Celsius.