Daily news summary


Škoda Auto says Tata Motors joint venture talks over

The Czech Republic’s biggest car maker Škoda Auto has announced the collapse of its plans to build a low cost car together with Indian company Tata Motors. Talks had been going on since March on the possible joint venture. Škoda Auto said that sufficient technical and economic synergies between the companies could not be found. It did not rule out future cooperation though with Tata, which is the largest Indian auto producer. Škoda was representing the wider Volkswagen group in the talks.

Health ministry takes exceptional steps to ban drugs re-export

The Ministry of Health has taken steps to ban the export of four types of pharmaceutical drugs outside the country in order to make sure that they are available for Czech patients. The exceptional move will prevent the re-export of the drugs and resale for prices often much higher than on the local market where, by European standards, drugs are relatively cheap. The export ban includes drugs needed to treat epilepsy and diabetes.

Olympic gold winner David Svoboda mulls end of pentathlon career

Pentathlon gold medallist in the Olympic Games in London in 2012, David Svoboda has told broadcaster Czech Television he is considering retirement from competition. Svoboda failed to get into the finals of the European Championships in Minsk earlier this year and previous suffered a series of injuries. Before that, the 32-year-old had held out the hope that he might still compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Svoboda says he wants to stay in sport, perhaps as a trainer or in some other function.

Heavy storms disrupt transport in east of country

Heavy storms in Moravia overnight on Wednesday downed trees and disrupted transport. One of the worst hit areas is around Olomouc with train services connecting the city and capital, Prague, cancelled due to trees on the track. Replacement bus services have been impossible because roads are also blocked. Czech Railways hopes to restore services during Thursday.

Fire service attaché post created at Czech embassy in Bratislava

The post of fire service attaché has been created at the Czech embassy in the Slovak capital Bratislava, the daily Lidové Noviny reported on Thursday. The creation of the post was confirmed by the fire service spokeswoman who added that Slovakia was considering a similar post in Prague. The attaché would be responsible for planning joint operations, training and education and improve communications, she added. The paper commented that the Bratislava embassy appears to be used for various dubious posts which appear to look like ‘jobs for the boys.’

President meets with regional governors, regional development minister

President Miloš Zeman is to meet with regional governors on Thursday night. The main topic of discussion is expected to be increases in pay for staff in regions providing social services and for sisters in hospitals. Other subjects are also likely to be brought up during open discussion, the president’s spokesman said. The meeting also includes minister for regional development Karla Šlechtová.

Expert given conditional sentence for evidence in high profile case

An 18 month conditional sentence has been delivered on a legal expert found guilty of manipulating the facts in a high profile case of an infamous lobbyist involved in a traffic accident. Jiří Dolečkov, the 84-year-old court recognised traffic expert was also fined 7,800 crowns. Dolečkov’s controversial evidence was in favour of famous political and business mover and shaker Roman Janoušek after he was accused of running down a pedestrian in Prague. Dolečkov argued that charges should not have been brought. Janoušek was eventually sentenced to four and a half years in prison. The case put the spotlight on the selection and testimony of court recognised experts. An appeal is possible.


Rain is expected across the country on Friday with sunny intervals likely in Moravia. Top temperatures will range between 19 and 33 degrees Celsius.