Daily news summary


Inflation speeds up in October to 2.9 percent

The pace of price rises speeded up in the Czech Republic in October.

Year-on-year inflation climbed to 2.9 percent from September’s 2.7 percent, the Czech Statistical Office announced on Thursday. That is the highest rate since October 2012 and an indication of what some experts are warning is an overheated economy.

The main factors were the higher costs of food and non-alcoholic drinks. Utility charges and the costs of housing were also a major factor. Month-to-month, the inflation rate in October was 0.5 percent.

The Czech National Bank has a target yearly inflation figure of 2.0 percent.

CEZ says water leak at Dukovany-4 should be mended in days

Dominant Czech electricity producer and nuclear power plant operator ČEZ said Thursday that a small leak had been found in a measuring pipe in the non-radioactive part of the Dukovany-4 reactor.

The repairs will take several days, the company added. The rector was powered down late Tuesday with no electricity being supplied to the network several hours later.

CEZ has insisted that radioactive water is not involved. All ČEZ’s other reactors at Dukovany and Temelín are functioning normally.

Former PM rebuffed in attempt to rejoin Social Democrats

Former Social Democrat prime minister and party chairman Jiří Paroubek has suffered another setback in his bid to rejoin the party.

Paroubek’s hopes of rejoining the party were raised last week after Prague leaders recommended he be allowed to do so. But on Wednesday night a meeting of the local party in the Prague 5 region, where he used to be a member, rejected his readmission. The local party’s agreement is a must for his return.

Paroubek left the party in 2011 to found his own party, which failed to make any impact. The party leadership rejected a comeback in June but changed it’s mind after the electoral disaster in recent lower house elections where it lost around two thirds of its support.

Veterinary office tightens rules to counter swine fever spread

A ban on keeping domestic pigs has been ordered by the state veterinary service in a bid to prevent the spread of the highly infectious African swine fever.

The ban applies to a high risk area of the Zlín region where the battle to contain the infection spreading from the wild boar population has been raging for the past four months. In addition, the state office has tightened its rules for the transport of pigs across the region.

The tightened rules have been ordered because of the risk of the disease spreading as wild boars usually migrate in the late autumn.

The veterinary office said that in spite of a cull on wild boar in the affected area, 15 new cases of the fever have been found in dead animals since the start of November. Once of the chief concerns is that the fever could spread to commercial pig farms in the pork eating country.

Babiš dubs ANO candidate’s comments on Senate vote absurd

The head of the ANO party, Andrej Babiš, has described as absurd suggestions made by Jiří Hlavatý, who was recently elected to the lower house on the ANO ticket, iDnes.cz reported. Mr. Hlavatý says the voters who cast their ballots for him to become an MP should pay for a by-election to fill his Senate seat. The wealthy businessman automatically lost his Senate mandate when he won election to the Chamber of Deputies.

Mr. Babiš said he too had not known that the two seats could not be held simultaneously and that everybody made mistakes. But he said it was absurd that Mr. Hlavatý was talking about running for the Senate again and wants voters to pay for the by-election.

Ashes of first Czech Oscar winner Jandl interred at Vyšehrad

The ashes of the first Czech winner of an Oscar, Ivan Jandl, are to be interred at a tomb at Prague’s Vyšehrad cemetery on Thursday. Jandl received the Academy Juvenile Award for his role in the 1948 film The Search, in which he played a nine-year-old Auschwitz survivor looking for his mother in post-war Germany. He was not allowed to travel to the US to collect the award in person.

The late child actor’s remains are being placed at Vyšehrad on the initiative of the Czech Association of Actors. Ivan Jandl did not continue as an actor but found work as an announcer on Czechoslovak Radio. He died in 1987.

Czechs beat Iceland in Qatar football tournament

In football, the Czech team beat Iceland 2:1 in its first appearance in a mini tournament in Qatar.

The Czech goals were scored by Tomáš Souček in the first half with the second by substitute and fellow Slavia Pragu player Jan Sýkora before Iceland pulled one back.

The Czechs face Qatar on Saturday. Czech manager Karel Jarolím said former World Cup competitor Iceland was a quality team and said his team put in a good performance which could be built on.

Czechs lose to Sweden in ice hockey Karjala Cup

In ice hockey, the Czechs lost in their first outing against Sweden in the Karjala Cup on Wednesday night.

The Czechs went down 3:5 after twice leading in the match and having more shots on target than their opponents. They were made to pay from penalties conceded with three of the Swedish goals coming when they had the advantage of more players on the ice.

The Czechs next face Switzerland and then Russia.