Czechs forking out more money on Christmas

Photo: Lenka Žižková

Czechs are spending increasing amounts of money on Christmas, according to a survey carried out by the agency Nielsen Admosphere. The average amount Czechs will spend on Christmas shopping this year is CZK 12,297, which is CZK 1,310 more than last year.

Photo: Lenka Žižková
The largest amount of money is traditionally spent on Christmas gifts, a sum that has risen by 55 percent since 2016. While in 2016, the average amount Czechs spent on Christmas gifts amounted to CZK 4,500, last year the sum exceeded CZK 6,000 and this year it is expected to reach CZK 7,046.

Eight out of ten respondents polled said they would give their loved ones more than one Christmas gift, with 49 percent of respondents choosing cosmetics, 42 percent clothing and sports gear and 26 percent opting to give books. 17 percent give gift certificates and just five percent are planning to give expensive gifts such as jewellery or watches.

76 percent of Czechs spend money on indoor Christmas decorations, 63 percent of households buy the traditional Czech Christmas cookies instead of baking them at home, 58 percent will invest in a Christmas tree and 42 percent will splash out on outdoor Christmas decorations.

Czechs also like to eat well during the Christmas season spending on average CZK 2,420 on food and CZK 675 on alcoholic beverages, although some spend as much as CZK 3,000 on the latter alone.

Although Czechs have been spending more on Christmas, 56 percent of respondents said they managed on their regular monthly income and 42 percent said they dipped into their financial reserves. Taking out a loan to cover Christmas expenses is rare.