Czechs commemorate Ss Cyril and Methodius

Some 40,000 Czech Catholics attended a mass in Velehrad, southern Moravia, on Monday, to commemorate Saints Cyril and Methodius. July 5 is a national holiday in the Czech Republic to honour the legacy of the Greek missionaries who brought Christianity to the Czech lands in 863. The open-air mass at Vehelehrad, once the seat of the Great Moravian Empire, was celebrated by the Archbishop of Prague, Dominik Duka. He masses at Velehrad had always attracted people longing for freedom.

Saints Cyril and Methodius arrived in Moravia in 863 on a mission from the Byzantine Empire. To spread the Gospel among the Slavs, they created the Cyrillic alphabet and translated the Bible and liturgical books into Slavonic, which at that time had no written form. The two brothers are considered the founders of Slavic literature.

Author: Jan Richter