Czechs on average now collect retirement benefits for 24 years, 3 months

The time spent by Czechs in retirement on average has increased by nearly four years and four months since 2000, and now stands at about 24 years and three months, according to an annual study by the Czech Social Security Administration.

The main reason is that Czechs are living longer. At the time of the Velvet Revolution, the life expectancy for a Czech man was 68, eight years lower than today at 76. In the last year of Communism, a Czech woman could expect to live to 75.5, compared to 82 now.

At the turn of the millennium, the average retirement pension was paid for nearly 20 years – 16 years and 10 months for men and 22 years and nine months for women. In 1990, the average pension was paid for 16 years, up from 11 years in 1970.

Author: Brian Kenety