Czechia ranks 25th worldwide in quality of life survey

The Czech Republic ranks 25th worldwide in terms of quality of life, according to the latest Social Progress Index, which evaluated socio-economic and other data in 163 countries.

The annual Index is compiled by the non-profit organisation Social Progress Imperative together with the international consultancy Deloitte. The Czech Republic scored 86.69 points out of a possible 100 points, an improvement from 2019, although the country fell one spot in the ranking.

According to the Index, the Czech Republic made notable gains especially in terms of access to education and information while GDP per capita in terms of purchasing power parity rose by USD 6,900 compared to last year, to USD 40,314.

On the downside, the country recorded a slight decline in terms of nutrition, medical care, water purity, hygiene and shelter. The Czech Republic also continues to get poor marks in terms of discrimination against minorities.

Author: Brian Kenety