Czechia ranked fourth among OECD countries in pure alcohol consumption

The Czech Republic has the fourth-highest level of pure alcohol consumption in the OECD, at 11.6 litres per person annually, according to official 2017 sales data in the 36 member states.

Overall alcohol consumption averaged 8.9 litres per person across OECD countries in 2017, roughly the equivalent of 100 bottles of wine annually or 400 pints of 4 percent strength beer.

Lithuania reported the highest consumption (12.3 litres), followed by Austria (11.8 litres) and France (11.7 litres). Neighbouring Germany ranked tenth (10.9 litres), Poland twelfth (10.6 litres) and Slovakia fifteenth (9.7 litres).

Alcohol dependence is most common in Latvia, Hungary, and Russian Federation (more than 9% of adults), according to the OECD data.

Author: Brian Kenety