Czech unions express support for nascent coalition’s policy programme

Czech unions have expressed support for a coalition agreement covering policies of the nascent centre-left government. Václav Picl, the deputy chairman of the union umbrella organisation ČMKOS, told journalists on Monday policy priorities generally corresponded with that of the unions. Josef Středula, the head of the strongest trade union KOVO, meanwhile, went further, saying the coalition agreement was the best the country had seen in the post-communist era.

In particular, union leaders welcomed the planned increase in the minimum wage, the abolition of private pension schemes (the so-called second pillar of pension system created by the previous centre-right government) and more support for families with children. Critics have charged that the emerging coalition, however, has not outlined how many planned changes will be paid for. On Monday, representatives of the Social Democrats, ANO and the Christian Democrats are meeting to discuss ministerial posts in the emerging government.

Author: Jan Velinger