Czech TV comedy miniseries ‘Most!’ breaking viewership records

Episodes of the new Czech TV comedy miniseries “Most!”, set in the bleak northern Bohemian town of that name, have attracted a record average viewership of over 1.5 million.

“Most!” is the sixth joint project of director Jan Prušinovský and screenwriter Petr Kolečko, known for unconventional series such as “Trpaslík” (Gnome).

A spokesperson for the public broadcaster told Czech Radio that while “Trpaslík” was a hit, based on current viewership, “Most!” looks set to become a “phenomenon”.

The word “most” means “bridge” in Czech and the series addresses a number of divisive issues, such as homophobia and racism. Fans of the series appreciate the irreverent dark humour while detractors fear it perpetuates stereotypes.

“Most!” features several Roma characters and also a transgender person. It is filmed on location in the city, a historical coal mining town known for its struggling local industry, high unemployment rate, and great concentration of housing estates built during communism.

Author: Brian Kenety