Czech TV clear winner at Elsa television awards ceremony

The Czech Film and Television Academy's Elsa Television Awards were held at Prague's Lucerna Ballroom on Saturday night. With the exception of commercial TV Nova's investigative programme Na Vlastni Oci, all awards went to productions by the public broadcaster Czech TV. Among Elsa winners were feature film In Nomine Patris (Best Film), actor Viktor Preiss (Best Actor), actress Vilma Cibulkova (Best Actress), film director Jaromir Polisensky (Best Director), and screen writer Jan Drbohlav (Best Screenplay).

The two main commercial stations, TV Nova and TV Prima boycotted the ceremony, protesting against the Film and Television Academy's selection procedure; the Academy had not considered the Czech Pop Idol and reality shows, for example, for awards.

Author: Dita Asiedu