Czech TV and radio licence fees to rise for first time in years

Television and radio licence fees in Czechia are set to increase for the first time in many years, the minister of culture, Martin Baxa, announced on Tuesday. The monthly fee for Czech Television will rise by CZK 25 to CZK 165, while the fee for Czech Radio will go up from CZK 45 to CZK 55 a month.

The changes should be introduced as part of a major amendment to the law on public service media that has been agreed by the coalition government, Mr. Baxa said.

In addition the number of people liable to pay the licence fees will increase to include those who can watch or listen to the public broadcasters on a mobile phone or computer. The price of a TV license has been at the same level for 15 years, while the radio one has not gone up for 18 years.

Author: Ian Willoughby