Czech TV: Administrators record greater interest in voting than in last elections

Based on information gathered during the first day of voting into the Czech Chamber of Deputies on Friday, turnout is higher than during the last elections, administrators told Czech Television.

However, while turnout reached 50 percent in some parts of Prague and in smaller districts across Czechia, in most districts, turnout ranged between 20 to 40 percent of eligible voters on Friday. Some poling stations recorded long queues before voting started at 2pm, with waiting periods ranging up to 45 minutes in smaller districts in South Bohemia and Karlovy Vary. Administrators say that such queues soon disappeared once voting actually got underway. Another peak in turnout was detected at around 6:30pm on Friday.

Polling stations are set to close at 2pm on Saturday after which ballots will be counted.

Author: Tom McEnchroe