Czech Tennis Federation fraud repayment case to be handed over to tax authority

The temporary head of the Czech Tennis Federation, Jan Stočes, confirmed at a press conference on Monday afternoon that the association will not be able to pay the National Sports Agency the almost CZK 30 million fine it was supposed to because it does not have the money. At the end of February, five people associated with the Czech Tennis Federation, including its president, Ivo Kaderka, were charged with committing subsidy fraud involving millions of crowns intended for youth sports organisations, for which it was ordered to return CZK 29.7 million to the National Sports Agency within 30 days. The 30-day deadline for payment expired at the weekend. The National Sports Agency will now hand the case over to the tax office.

The tennis organisation will be represented in the negotiations by consulting company Grant Thornton, which will try to negotiate a repayment schedule with the tax authority. The consulting company is currently conducting an audit of the federation.

Author: Anna Fodor