Czech state could end up paying subsidies for controversial Stork’s Nest

The European Commission has called on the Czech Republic to exclude expenditures from the controversial Stork’s Nest project from an EU programme for the Central Bohemia region. The Czech Ministry of Finance says it will decide on the matter within two months. However, the commission said on Friday that the Czech Republic would not be seeking the sum in question from the EU. This would mean that the Czech state would end up paying the CZK 50 million.

Eleven people were charged with the abuse of EU funds in connection with the Stork’s Nest farm and hotel complex. They include now-prime minister Andrej Babiš and his senior ANO colleague Jaroslav Faltýnek.

The pair have parliamentary immunity after being elected in October and the Czech lower house is to decide on whether to allow them to face trial in connection with the matter. They deny any wrongdoing.

Author: Ian Willoughby