Czech Republic will readmit group of Iraqi refugees from Germany

The Czech Republic will shortly readmit a group of 20 Christian refugees from Iraq who gave up their asylum here and moved to Germany two weeks ago, the Czech Interior Ministry said. According to Interior Minister Chovanec they will now have the status of illegal migrants and will be placed in a detention centre. Another five members of the group remain in Germany since they are close family members of a man who has already been granted asylum there. The refugees originally came to the Czech Republic within a relocation project for 150 Christian families at risk from Iraq. Another 16 members of the group were detained by Czech police on Thursday as they also tried to move to Germany. They have once again asked for asylum in the Czech Republic. The relocation project was deemed a failure by the government and has since been scrapped. Of the 89 refugees who came here 49 have either attempted to move to Germany or returned to Iraq.