Is the Czech Republic safe for journalists?

Sabina Slonkova (left)

There are countries in the world where threats and even murders of journalists are no exception. Between 1992 and 2001, 389 journalists were killed around the world, 18 of them women. Only 91 reporters died while covering armed conflicts. The majority were investigative journalists. Only 20 cases have been solved and the murderers punished. Is Czech Republic becoming dangerous for journalists too? Pavla Horakova has more.

According to the US non-profit organisation, the Committee to Protect Journalists, the countries most dangerous for journalists are Algeria, Russia, Columbia and Bosnia. In this respect the Czech Republic has been considered a safe country. Rudolf Zeman is the deputy chairman of the Syndicate of Journalists. I asked him whether after Ms Slonkova's case the Czech Republic still passes as safe?

"I hope that the Syndicate of Journalists will be able to consider the Czech Republic a safe country for journalists in the future too. So far we have registered one case when a businessman ordered the murder of a journalist in 1993. As far as I know, the case hasn't been concluded yet. There have been another three cases which could be considered as physical threats to journalists."

Rudolf Zeman also says every such threat presents a danger to democracy. Both verbal and physical threats may discourage or scare other journalists too.

Rudolf Zeman from the Syndicate of Journalists was talking to Pavla Horakova.