Czech Republic opens door to tourists from 13 states

With the reopening of hotels, restaurants, and wellness facilities, the Czech Republic this week also opened the door to tourists from 13 states. The sole condition is that they have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine.

As life slowly returns to normal in the Czech Republic, the country is preparing to welcome its first foreign visitors. While still cautious about importing various mutations of the coronavirus, the government has eased travel restrictions for tourist purposes with seven European states on the basis of bilateral agreements. Health Minister Adam Vojtěch:

“We are taking a step to reopen the tourism industry as we know it pre-Covid. In the first phase this will only concern a number of countries. As of June 1, we are ready to welcome tourists from Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia without any restrictions on condition they have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine.”

The agreement is reciprocal, meaning that Czechs who can produce a vaccine certificate –dated 22 days after their first shot – can travel to these seven countries even before the introduction of the much anticipated European Covid passes in July.

Photo: Marco Verch,  Flickr,  CC BY 2.0

In addition to these seven states with whom the Czech Republic has concluded bilateral agreements  the country has also opened its door to visitors from six low-risk states: Israel, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea.

Tourism from other countries is still prohibited and essential travel from these countries is linked to a number of restrictions such as the need to fill in an arrival form, undergo an antigen or PCR test, and self-isolate until the result is delivered.  The placement of countries in individual “risk” categories is regularly updated, so before making plans to visit the Czech Republic for essential travel or tourism, please check the Czech Foreign Ministry’s web page where the information is available in English or contact the Czech embassy in your given country.

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Tourists from the 13 countries who have received the green light will be expected to adhere to the Covid-19 measures still in place, such as wearing respirators in public transport and indoor spaces and respecting the stated safety precautions in restaurants, hotels and sports and wellness facilities. Those restrictions are gradually being eased as the epidemic slows. Nonetheless, visitors will need to carry with them certificates of vaccination in case of an inspection in a cafe or restaurant or for a visit to a wellness facility, theatre or cinema. Group tours are now allowed in the country’s castles and chateaus for a limited number of people and outdoor cultural events can be attended by 1,000 people. If all goes well, the government is planning to allow concerts with up to 7,000 visitors in the summer months.