In Czech Republic fear of drought trumps that of viral pandemic, survey shows

Drought and other symptoms of climate change are threats which cause most concern among Czechs. Meanwhile the fear of another pandemic ranks third on the imaginary scale, just after that of a major economic crisis. This according to an exclusive survey conducted by the polling agency MEDIAN for Czech Radio.

According to respondents, drought and related climate change symptoms are considered to be a threat by 85 percent of Czechs, the same ratio of Czechs also said they fear another economic crisis, although the level of certainty was lower. The fear of another viral pandemic came in third in the survey, with 77 percent saying they either seriously, or slightly fear the outbreak of another disease.

War and the threat of cyber attack came in fourth, being a source of fear among 57 percent of Czechs, followed by social isolation with 55 percent and the weakening of democracy at 42 percent.

The survey was conducted between April 22-23, 2020.

Author: Tom McEnchroe