Czech Rail tightens security in response to al-Qaeda threat

Czech Rail has increased security measures on the country’s railway routes in response to the threat of terrorist attacks in Europe by al-Qaeda. Jakub Ptačinský, the spokesman for the Railway Infrastructure Agency revealed the news on Monday. The spokesman did not elaborate on the measures, saying if they were made public, it would defeat the purpose. He said the agency had received the warning of a possible threat in Europe several days ago. BIS, the country’s counter-intelligence service, however, stressed there was no immediate danger in the Czech Republic.

The German daily Bild reported there was a threat of attacks on high-speed tracks, tunnels and trains, citing a call between al-Qaeda members intercepted by the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA). The German Interior Ministry, responded, however, by saying the security situation in the country had not worsened and that security measures as reported by Bild had not been taken. BIS spokesman Jan Šubert said Czech counter-intelligence had not received any information from foreign partners about the Czech Republic being targeted.

Author: Jan Velinger