Czech Radio launches new science and nature station

Vaclav Paces (left) in the Czech Radio studio, photo: CTK

As we reported last week, Czech Radio has launched another of its digital projects, a station specialising in science and nature, called Leonardo. In this week's Czech Science we look at what Leonardo's all about.

Science and humanities programmes have traditionally been among the most popular on Czech Radio's stations. On top of producing a variety of its own programmes, Leonardo gives those who have missed a science programme on another station a chance to hear it again. Editor Marketa Kaclova.

"We are launching the station on the 1st of September and it's focused on popularising science, technology, history and nature. We have got several specialised magazines: they are about nature, health and the human body, others are devoted to history and technology and the last is about travelling. You can listen to us through the internet on but it's more in Czech than in English. It's 23 hours in Czech and one hour is in another language, for example, English, of course, the others are French, Spanish, German, Russian and Slovak, of course."

Where do the programmes in foreign languages come from?

"It's Radio France International, ORF - Oesterreich 1, then Radio Rossia, Slovak Radio and Radio Netherlands."

Vaclav Paces  (left) in the Czech Radio studio,  photo: CTK
Present at the launch of Leonardo were a number of prominent scientists, among them the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Vaclav Paces. I asked him about his view on the new science and nature station.

"I welcome it extremely and I am sure that it will be very well received. I would very much wish that it is well-received by the young generation of people who would like perhaps to devote their lives to science and research. This is very important for the prosperity of the country."

And is the Academy of Sciences going to cooperate more closely with the new station?

"Absolutely. The Academy of Sciences is in a position where we very much welcome this new station but we also are ready to cooperate. We started the cooperation [with Czech Radio] but now I think it will have to strengthened, it will have to be fortified and we are ready to do it."