Czech pupils improve in reading, mathematics and science, PISA ranking shows

Students at Czech schools have improved in their reading, mathematics and science abilities, according to Education Ministry and Czech School Inspection officials, who unveiled the latest Programme for International School Assessment rankings at a press conference on Tuesday.

Out of the 79 countries and economic regions that took part in the rankings, the Czech Republic placed 25 in reading comprehension, 22 in mathematics and 21 in science. Altogether Czech students improved their scores in all categories compared to the last measurement which took place in 2015, also exceeding EU average scores.

However, the results did not reach the scores achieved in the early 2000s and also showed a regional disparity of education quality. According to Chief School Inspector Tomáš Zatloukal, skill differences between pupils in Prague and the Ústí nad Labem Region are equivalent to roughly two grades.

The Programme for International Student Assessment, commonly referred to as PISA is currently one of the largest and most respected education level measurement rankings. Organised by the OECD, it takes place every three years.

Author: Tom McEnchroe