Czech project offers sex services for disabled

Photo: archive of Rozkoš bez rizika

The Czech Republic is introducing sexual assistants trained to provide paid services to disabled people. The assistants, whose services were approved by the Interior Ministry, were selected and trained by the Czech charity ‘Rozkoš bez rizika’ (‘Bliss without Risk’), which provides counselling for sex-workers.

Hana Malinová,  photo: Jan Losenický / Rozkoš bez rizika
I spoke to the charity’s Hana Malinová, and she first asked her to outline the type of assistance provided to disabled clients:

“There are two types of sexual assistance. One is mostly counselling, but also helping with the choice of special toys and devices to help the disabled to have sex. This help doesn’t involve any touching.

“The other is an active assistance, which happens on various levels. It can be touching, masturbation and of course the highest level is sexual intercourse.

“We have trained five sex workers or previous sex workers who are very skilled not only in providing sex but also for instance Tantric massage and they can also assist disabled couples to have sex.”

How were these women selected?

“This was in fact a legal problem, because if we offered the services ourselves, we would be regarded as pimps. We have discussed the matter with the interior ministry and in the end they agreed that we can. So we provide the clients with a list and they make the choice themselves. We can of course provide lessons, training courses and so on, but we can’t recommend anybody.

Are you thinking of providing male assistants as well?

Photo: archive of Rozkoš bez rizika
Not yet, because now we are at the very beginning and also, we are a women’s organisation. We may offer male assistants in the future. But our assistants also provide sexual assistance to women, to help them discover their sexuality.”

Why have you decided to introduce these services in the first place?

“On the one hand there was a demand from our clients. We know that many handicapped people have problems getting sexual experience at all. Officially, it was possible to provide counselling, but not active experience. But to reach arousal, there must be someone who is involved in the process and who can help them.

“But I also I think that it could be a good opportunity for our clients, for the sex workers. We trained some gifted and educated women, so at this moment, we want to see if the services work.”