Czech politicians express shock over Fico shooting

Czech politicians have been responding to the news of the shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico in the Slovak town of Handlová on Wednesday afternoon. Czech PM Petr Fiala said that the news had been shocking and that he wished Mr. Fico a speedy recovery. Mr. Fiala said violence could not be tolerated and had no place in society.

President Petr Pavel said the attack was reprehensible, whatever the motivation. He said it should be a warning about how far the deepening of hostility and aggression in society can lead.

The Czech foreign minister, Jan Lipavský, said he absolutely condemned violence in politics and also wished the Slovak leader a quick recovery.

Czech opposition leader Andrej Babiš, who is from Slovakia, said the news from the country was terrible and that he was praying for Mr. Fico.

Mr. Fico was reported to be conscious after the shooting, in which he was reportedly hit three or four times.

Author: Ian Willoughby