Czech PM welcomes Versailles Declaration, support for Ukraine

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala welcomed the outcome of an informal EU summit in France on Thursday, saying that the Versailles Declaration contains a number of things that the Czech Republic feels strongly about. He said the declaration reflects EU unity in backing Ukraine's resistance to the Russian aggression and places emphasis on strengthening the transatlantic link as well as bolstering European defense structures in response to the Russian threat.

The Czech prime minister also welcomed the agreement that EU member states will also have the right to choose their own energy mix. For the Czech Republic this will mean investments in liquefied gas infrastructure, nuclear and renewable energy sources, Mr. Fiala said.

The Czech Republic, together with Poland and Slovakia, pushed hard for the opening of accession talks with Ukraine. The Czech prime minister said that Ukraine has proved beyond doubt that it belongs in Europe and that it deserves to be invited to join the family of democratic nations, given its brave fight in defense of freedom and Western values. However the EU was divided on the proposal and in the end ruled out Ukraine's call for a fast-track integration with the bloc.