Czech PM rejects idea of Czechia withdrawing from UN

Prime Minister Petr Fiala, Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský and other members of the Czech cabinet have rejected the notion that the Czech Republic should leave the UN over Friday’s resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in the Middle East.

Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová expressed this view on social networks, saying that, in her opinion, Czechia has no business in an organisation that sides with terrorists and does not respect the basic right to self-defence.

The Czech prime minister said that while he understands the minister's indignation over the UN’s failure to condemn Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel, there can be no question of Czechia walking out of the organization in protest. He said the Czech Republic would stand by its convictions and try to win over others by the strength of its arguments.

Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský likewise rejected the idea of Czechia withdrawing from the UN. The principles on which the UN is based create a stable and predictable framework within which we can operate and which are crucial for us in terms of defending our national interests," Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský said in a debate on Czech Television.

Czechia was one of 14 countries who on Friday voted against the UN resolution calling for an immediate "durable and sustained humanitarian truce" in Gaza. Justifying the decision, the Czech ambassador to the UN, Jakub Kulhánek, said the text does not recognise Israel's right to defend itself and its citizens against terrorism, lacks a demand for the release of hostages and does not include a clear condemnation of Hamas' attack against Israel.